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At Hartzer Park, we have a number of wonderful facilities to ensure that your stay is pleasant.


We have a number of multi-purpose rooms available, the largest of which can cater to up to 120 people (theatre style). All of these conference rooms are equipped with audio/ visual equipment.


As well as these bigger function rooms, there are also many more intimate spaces for guests to enjoy and spend some peaceful time. This includes a number of prayer and meditation rooms, a library, and three dining rooms. 

View all the room options in our Gallery

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One of the biggest charms of Hartzer Park is its exquisitely designed Byzantine and Romanesque Chapel which comfortably seats up to 200 people. This is the spiritual heart of the property and is the perfect venue for Mass, prayer and weddings!

Learn more about celebrating your wedding at Hatzer Park.


We are so lucky to have the most picturesque Southern Highland's countryside at our doorstep. So many of our guests find it a visual delight to walk around our gardens and lake or take a spiritual journey in our outdoor labyrinth.


Meanwhile, the children or students can enjoy running around in the beautiful country air, exploring the grounds or playing on the large oval. 

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